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Patch Notes
The full list of patch notes for Patch 2.2.1

New update incoming!

Attention all Fae Friends, new update incoming! We want to make sure that your Fae Farm experience is as smooth as possible, so we’re sending out a general update for all supported platforms on April 11 at 10AM PDT /  5PM UTC. Please read more for full details on what you can expect from our newest patch.

Fae Farm Patch Notes 2.2.1


  • Fixed a case where characters you are not married to were using spouse dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug where swimming animations were misaligned if wearing the Spring Petal Dress.
  • Fixed a bug where the location hints for the Hedge and Flowering Bush were incorrectly swapped.
  • Added missing localization for some Stuff-on-Stuff and item strings added in the Spring Update.

Thank You

We want to give a great big thank you all to the amazing people who submitted bug reports and are able to help us pinpoint these issues. If you spot any issues, please update us through our main support page.

You can also join us on Twitter, Discord, Instagram and TikTok to share your experience with us in Azoria. 

We’ll see you in-game!


The Fae Farm Team

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