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Bringing flower reclaiming, improvements to pause, and much more!

Happy New Year, Fae Folk!

We ended 2023 with the release of our Coasts of Croakia expansion and Update 2.0 on December 14, and a QnA livestream with our lovely community on December 21. For those who didn’t get a chance to watch the stream, we’re here to share our plans for the first part of 2024, starting with the imminent Update 2.1:

Update 2.1 coming January 22

Next Monday, January 22 at 9AM Pacific Time, we will release the free Update 2.1 on all platforms. This update contains a number of highly requested quality of life improvements, as well as other polish improvements and bug fixes.

In this update, and in response to player feedback, we have made significant improvements to the single-player Pause behaviour in Fae Farm, and how it interacts with both the World Clock (the in-game day time), and other game features:

- Using Construction and Decoration modes, inside and outside your home, will now pause the World Clock. Crafting and Conversion screens will still tick down time otherwise they would not continue to process.

- Buff and Debuff timers will now pause any time the World Clock does (for example when in the Pause menu). No more wasted potions! If a potion gives a passive effect like a speed boost, it may remain active while the World Clock is paused.

- When the World Clock gets paused, Animals and Jumbles will complete their current animation and then pause, and players will not be able to die.

- The World Clock will no longer tick down while on a loading screen.

In addition, the following improvements have been made to Pause in multiplayer:

- At the end of a day in multiplayer, the day will no longer automatically start. Instead, it will start when the first player chooses to move on from the Market Results screen. A new section has also been added to this screen to message to other players that you are ready to go or need them to wait, for cases where players are not communicating outside the game.

- If all players in a multiplayer session are either in the Pause Menu, Construction Mode, Decoration Mode, or on the End of Day screen, the World Clock will be paused. We intend to add to these “pause cases” for multiplayer to fully match the expanded single-player triggers in a future update.

Also in 2.1, as requested, players can now reclaim flowers (including hybrids) into seeds, which allows them to be moved between flower beds or even to other farms. Make sure to Reclaim instead of picking the flowers, if you want to use this feature!

Additionally, the Stats Panel has been redesigned in 2.1, and now shows clear timers and full descriptions for any active buffs or debuffs (including any equipped Trinkets on your Critter Pets from Croakia!). Now it should be much clearer what effects are active on you at any time, and when they are due to expire.

We’ll release the full patch notes later this week, but 2.1 also includes a number of other fixes and improvements including but not limited to:

- New dialogue lines for Pearl, Rosalind, and Tamael

- An updated objective for Animal Care Job Quest 10, and a new tracker in the Almanac to show how many animals you have successfully bred with a given Charm

- A fix for the “Wave of Emotion” side quest not completing

- …and much more!

As a note, we do continue to investigate a number of rare but reported issues including loss of progress for multiplayer clients and a small number of new crashes. Once we have good fixes for these, we’ll get them out to players as soon as possible, outside of our content patch cycles.

Update 2.2 and Expansion 2

As shared in December’s live stream, we have begun work on a further free Update (2.2) to release in the Spring. While we are still in the design phase, we intend this update to address player feedback in two particular areas of the game: expansion of romance mechanics, and further player control of game time. We’ll share more on our plans here once we are further through development.

With the Coasts of Croakia expansion now released, the Fae team is also full steam ahead on early development of Expansion 2, planned for release before the end of June. We don’t want to share too much this early (although there’s a little tease in December’s stream!), but we’ll be talking more in the coming months about what you can expect from this expansion, which will be free for all Switch players, and included in the Deluxe Edition or available for separate purchase on Steam and the Epic Games store.

Thanks, and the future

We want to share a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Fae Farm, obviously including everyone who has picked up the game, but also our wonderful community, and all the great content creators that checked us out. We're committed to supporting Fae Farm into the future - we’ve shared here plans for early-to-mid 2024, and we're already looking forward to what may happen beyond Expansion 2.

We also want to thank those who took the time to send in thoughtful feedback and great bug reports that have helped, and continue to help, us make the game better for everyone. Our official Discord continues to be the best place to raise any questions or issues, and keep up to date with development updates (as well as meeting other cool Fae Friends!).

Many thanks,

The Fae Farm Team

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