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The full list of patch notes for Patch 2.2.0

New update incoming!

Attention all Fae Friends, new update incoming! We want to make sure that your Fae Farm experience is as smooth as possible, so we’re sending out a general update for all supported platforms on March 21 at 10AM PDT /  5PM UTC. Please read more for full details on what you can expect from our newest patch.

Fae Farm Patch Notes 2.2.0


  • A new feature has been added to the game that allows players to, well, put Stuff on other Stuff - time to clutter up your homes!
  • Specifically, you can now place any inventory item (i.e. things you can sell at the market, not other decor) on the following constructible decor:

    • Barrel, Carved Large Table, Crate, Desk, Display Stand, Fae Cart, Fae Table, Fae Wood Container, Floor Pillow, Round Table, Sideboard, Small Bookshelf, Stack of Books, Stately Wooden Desk
  • In addition, 29 new small items found around our world have been turned into inventory items so they can be used with the Stuff on Stuff system (with no gameplay effects). These are all available to craft at the Decoration Table:

    • Baguette, Big Bowl, Candelabra, Candles, Charcuterie Board, Cheese Wheel, Decorative Rose, Empty Plate, Envelope, Exquisite Cake, Fresh Pie, Fruit Bowl, Glass Vase, Globe, Magnifying Glass, Mortar and Pestle, Open Book, Pan, Pasta Maker, Potion Bottle, Rounded Vase, Stew Pot, Tall Bottle, Tea Mug, Wash Bowl, Watering Can, Wine Glass, Wooden Stein, Wrapped Gift


  • A new “Double-Day Length” option has been added to the Gameplay tab of the Settings screen, based on player feedback.

    • When active, the World Clock will move forward at half the normal speed, and a snail icon will appear in the clock section of the UI for reference.
    • In multiplayer, this option affects all players in a world, and is only controllable by the host.


  • A number of new cosmetic items have been added to the game for all players:

    • 1 brand-new outfit has been added - you can claim the Spring Petal Dress for your inventory directly from a mailbox letter that will arrive on your next full day after updating.
    • 4 full-size world items (Floral Arch, Potted Bush, Flowering Bush, and Hedge) have been added as constructible items players can use, unlocked via new scrolls placed around the world.
    • 5 brand-new sets of wings (the Phoenix Wings, Purple Dragonfly Wings, Pink Shimmering Wings, Dust Moth Wings, and Bioluminescent Wings) are now available from the Wisp Mother.
    • In addition, the Marquis’ “Ethereal Wings” are also now available to players at the Wisp Mother.
  • A number of new customization options have also been added to the Character Creator, free and unlocked immediately for all players:

    • 16 new “vibrant” colors for hair, facial features, face markings, and eyes
    • 16 new “non-human” skin tones
    • 1 new “stubble”-type hair style.
    • 9 new eye styles


  • Players can now have Job Quests from more than one NPC in progress at a time (still one per NPC).
  • Achievement Quests (the last in a NPC’s Job Quest line) now show in the Quest Log, and are pinnable, for convenience.
  • Cleo's adventuring schedule has been adjusted so she spends less time inaccessible to players.
  • The previously-equipped tool will now be automatically re-equipped when entering and leaving water.
  • Fixed a bug where flowers would lose their color genes after being reclaimed and replanted.
  • Fixed a rare state reported by some players where their save would not load, with a "Failed to load into the game" error message. Please note that those affected should now be able to load in, but will be floating in an empty map until the end of the day, after which they should recover safely in the proper map.
  • Fixed an issue where opening full-screen interfaces via keyboard shortcuts would not pause the World Clock in multiplayer.
  • Fixed the Miasma, Freeze, and Heat visual effects still continuing to cover the screen when the World Clock is paused.


  • A number of additions have been made to interacting with your spouse when married:

    • An amount of new post-marriage dialog has been added to romanceable NPCs, some with new conditions on them such as weather or time of day.
    • Emoting to your spouse will have them respond back to you.
    • When your spouse is at a part of their daily schedule when they are around the farm, sitting in the “cozy area” near your home will have them come and sit with you.
  • In addition, we addressed a number of cases where some unique dialog (for both romanceable and other NPCs) would not appear as intended in game:

    • Fixed a bug causing dialogue lines intended to appear when at a higher relationship level with an NPC from appearing.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing NPC dialogue intended for when they are engaged in specific activities (for example: catching critters, painting, or singing) to not appear.
    • Fixed an issue where NPC dialogue intended for rainy days were not active during thunderstorms.
  • Fixed a case where players could get stuck unable to progress relationships, and unable to propose, after the last date in a chain. Players in this state should be automatically recovered.
  • Fixed a case where completing a relationship quest when it is available at the same time as a date could block further relationship progress. Players in this state should be automatically recovered.
  • Fixed an issue where "romance increase" icons could continue to appear, and gifts continue to be given, to NPCs that you were already at the "Getting Serious" stage with.
  • Fixed a case where players would incorrectly receive the "married" letter early if saving and loading while the Wedding Planning quest is in progress.
  • Fixed a case where players could quickly select to go on a date with two NPCs when close together, resulting in a broken state.


  • Fixed an issue where the seal pedestal in one of the Saltwater Mines maps could be sunken into the ground.
  • Fixed trees in the Fae Realm having snow on them when it is winter in Azoria.
  • Fixed minor visual artifacting in the mist coming from a dungeon's exterior door.
  • Fixed an issue where the eyes on Woolyhorns could pop in and out when getting closer.
  • Fixed a small graphical issue with the Blue Catfish while in water.


  • Fixed buff symbols and descriptions not showing on items for sale at August, Vera and Balarandi's shops.
  • Fixed a visual issue in Construction Mode where items could appear as placeable (blue) when off the farm grid, where they cannot be placed.
  • Fixed a bug with mouse input in the Mailbox where trying to click and drag the scroll bar on a long message resulted in re-selecting the first letter in the Mailbox instead.
  • [Coasts of Croakia] Fixed a visual issue where unequipping trinkets could look like multiple were gained in toast messages.


  • Added further protections against saving client data when it is in a bad state (and could result in creating a new character when next rejoining the world).
  • Further improvements to handling of common inoffensive words in the profanity filter.
  • Fixed a number of typos and other text errors in English and localized languages.

Thank You

We want to give a great big thank you all to the amazing people who submitted bug reports and are able to help us pinpoint these issues. If you spot any issues, please update us through our main support page.

You can also join us on Twitter, Discord, Instagram and TikTok to share your experience with us in Azoria. 

We’ll see you in-game!


The Fae Farm Team

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