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The full list of patch notes for Patch 3.0.0

New update incoming!

Attention all Fae Friends, new update incoming! Not only will you get a chance to discover the new realm in the Skies of Azoria, we want to make sure that your entire Fae Farm experience is as smooth as possible, so we’re sending out a general update for all Fae Friends on June 20 at 10AM PT /  5PM UTC. Please read more for full details on what you can expect from our newest patch.

Fae Farm Patch Notes 3.0.0


  • The second premium content update for Fae Farm, “Skies of Azoria”, is now available!
  • For Switch players, and those with the Deluxe Edition on PC, this content will automatically be enabled after downloading this update.

    • For owners of the Standard Edition on PC, you can view more details and purchase this content from the “Add-On Content” option on the main menu, or directly through your chosen store.
  • Each act of the Skies of Azoria questline can be started by reading a new mail that arrives at the following points in progression:

    • Act 1: One day after completing Chapter 4 quest “Journey to the Other Side”
    • Act 2: One day after starting Chapter 6
    • Act 3: One day after starting Chapter 8
  • For players who have already passed one of these points, you will receive the mail for Act 1 after sleeping for the first time after downloading this update.

    • Please note: if you complete one act of Skies of Azoria and have already progressed enough in the base game to unlock the next Act, there is a couple-day delay before you receive the next mail.
  • For details on the full contents of Skies of Azoria, please see this article: Welcome to the Skies of Azoria!


  • The Map screen has been updated:

    • Players who own Skies of Azoria can tab between the main Azoria map and one showing the new Skyvale region. A brief popup will explain this when you first access the map with the new content installed.
    • Both the player and the currently tracked item are now more prominently highlighted.
    • A button prompt has been added to “quick-untrack” the currently tracked item.
    • Wayshrines now share the same view as the main map, so you can see quest and character locations without having to jump between different screens.
    • The confirmation popup when using a wayshrine has been replaced with a hold confirmation.
  • The Quest Log screen has been updated:

    • Players who own Skies of Azoria will see a new section of the Main Quest tab specifically for quests in this new content.
    • Players with no active base game main quests (for example, if you’ve completed Chapter 8) and who own Skies of Azoria will have that new quest line pinned automatically after starting it.
    • Manually selecting to pin a Skies of Azoria quest at any time will auto-pin following quests in that chain. You can switch back to having the base game quest line pinned in the Quest Log.
    • Limited time quests (such as friend, romance, or festival quests) now have more prominent indicators in the Quest Log.
    • Shop purchase "recipes" can now also be pinned to the quest log, like crafting ones can be.
  • A new volume slider has been added in Settings > Audio to control the volume of character vocalizations separately from other sound effects (NPCs as well as the player's character). Let your giggle-only playthroughs commence.


  • Fixed a case where you could lose a trinket from your inventory when switching to a critter buddy that had the one of the same type already equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the Critter Riff icon showed up incorrectly in the Almanac when you had not discovered it yet.
  • Fixed an issue that caused two different entries to be highlighted at the same time when navigating the Buddy Binder with mouse.


  • Fixed an issue where facial animation would not play correctly on characters when seated.
  • Fixed a bug where spouses could get stuck in the "cozy area" of the farm if the player ended the day while they were there.
  • Fixed an issue where player characters could appear at lower-than-intended resolution in the outfit editor.
  • Made improvements to reduce characters' eyes appearing in low resolution.
  • Made minor polish adjustments to the "sultry" eye style added in the Spring Update (2.2.0).


  • Fixed a number of small environment rendering and collision issues across the game.
  • Fixed a bug where not all flowers had consistent wind sway behaviour.


  • Added a notification to explain when a reclaimed item is sent to storage because your inventory is full.
  • Fixed a bug that could show multiple of the same tool on loading screens.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an empty dialogue box to appear after backing out of a shop.
  • Fixed a bug where you could unintentionally end up in the House Storage screen when moving items around your Inventory.
  • Fixed the visual display of the Well Rested buff in the stat overlay, so it counts down more smoothly.
  • Fixed a bug where Sporewood Log appeared as a possible spawn on Floor 25 of the Floating Ruins in the Dungeon Tracker.
  • Fixed an issue where you had to press the back button twice to leave the Controls Rebinding screen.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause you to get stuck in a screen after pressing the Enter key while a purchase confirmation popup was open.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause multiple popups to stack on screen when using the Enter key to dismiss an "OK" prompt.
  • Fixed a bug that could display incorrect information when navigating between days in the Calendar using mouse.
  • Fixed an unintended tooltip showing when mousing over the header of the Market Table screen.
  • Fixed a bug where long keyboard key assignment icons could be cut off in the jump prompt when swimming.
  • Made minor visual polish improvements to the End of Day screen and the Character Creator.


  • Fixed an issue where wayshrines could fail to teleport you if another player was too close to the destination wayshrine.
  • Fixed a bug where the pinned quest would not update correctly in multiplayer if another player handed in the quest.
  • Fixed an issue for multiplayer clients where purchasing a one-time upgrade could be purchased twice (with no benefit) before appearing as "sold out".
  • Fixed an issue where clients in a multiplayer session would not see the "new animal born" banner.


  • The Switch system-level age rating/parental control level for Fae Farm on Switch in Japan has been updated from IARC 7+ to CERO A.
  • Fixed a number of typos and other text errors in English and localized languages.

Thank You

We want to give a great big thank you all to the amazing people who submitted bug reports and are able to help us pinpoint these issues. If you spot any issues, please update us through our main support page.

You can also join us on Twitter, Discord, Instagram and TikTok to share your experience with us in Azoria. 

We’ll see you in-game!


The Fae Farm Team

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