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The full list of patch notes for Patch 2.1.0

New update incoming!

Attention all Fae Friends, new update incoming! We want to make sure that your Fae Farm experience is as smooth as possible, so we’re sending out a general update for all supported platforms on January 22 at 9AM PST /  4PM UTC. Please read more for full details on what you can expect from our newest patch.

Fae Farm Patch Notes 2.1.0


  • Improved following behaviour for critter buddies when on moving lilypads.
  • Improved the idle animation of following Snail-type buddies.
  • Improved critter positioning behaviour when taming a new critter buddy.
  • Fixed a bug where a critter buddy’s protective bubble in dungeons would be missing if they started following while in the dungeon itself.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple critter buddies could be following the player at once if they were in the taming dialogue at the End of Day.
  • Fixed a bug where the prompt to pet your active critter buddy would disappear if you chose to talk with them, then backed out.
  • Fixed missing audio for Dragonfly-type buddies when following, and generally improved audio behaviour for flying critter buddies.
  • Fixed an exploit that could be used to duplicate Trinkets.
  • Swapped the catch experience and sale prices for Frobins and Borealis to match the intended design.


  • Fixed cases where the “equip a Trinket” objective of the “Please Visit the Gift Shop” quest could automatically mark as complete, or not complete correctly when equipping higher-tier trinkets.
  • Fixed a bug where Magic Job Quest 10 would count progress twice if you had a critter buddy following you.
  • Fixed a case where the "Exit Through The Gift Shop" achievement could trigger without actually equipping a Trinket.


  • Made a number of environmental art and collision fixes on Archi-Pal-igo Park, and around Grenu in Stay-A-While Bay.
  • Critter spawn adjustments on Archi-Pal-igo Park:

    • Added more spawn locations for base-game critters in some quiet areas of Archi-Pal-igo Park.
    • For the new critters added in Coasts of Croakia, made the “common” types spawn 10% more often, and the “rare” types spawn 10% less often.
    • Increased the per-day spawn chance for Gwurms and Sunslugs specifically (the rare Worm-type critters).
  • Reduced the conching difficulty, and increased the time critters stick around before disappearing, for some critters that were more difficult than intended (such as Willow Wisps and some Worm-type critters).
  • The Coasts of Croakia items Yellow Leaf Print Rug, Lily Pad Rug, and Croakia Rug now correctly return Cotton Fabric on deconstruction.
  • Fixed a bug where the dropped version of Coasts of Croakia critters could look distorted after loading back into a save.


  • Added "new item" indicators to Riffs and the Conches in the Almanac.
  • Added a message that appears if unequipping a Trinket with a full inventory, to explain it has gone to the Storage Shed.
  • Fixed an input issue with the Buddy Binder screen that could cause some functions (like jumping) to not always work after closing it.
  • Fixed the wrong slot being highlighted by default when opening the Buddy Binder using a controller.
  • Fixed a bug where equipping a mana-increasing Trinket did not update the stats interface.
  • Fixed a bug where equipping a Trinket from a full inventory would leave the full indicator on your interface.
  • Fixed a bug where quitting and reloading a save could remove the current critter buddy’s icon from the interface.


  • Fixed clients’ critter buddies persisting in the session after their owner player leaves.
  • Fixed a bug where a critter buddy’s protective bubble in dungeons was missing for multiplayer clients.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur where Worm-type critters’ "roll away" flee animation did not play for multiplayer clients.
  • Fixed a critter's name missing in the taming dialogue when playing as a multiplayer client.
  • Fixed a bug where nametags for remote players on Archi-Pal-igo Park could show up when viewing the Scorched Caverns entrance.


  • Improved hand contact with the Conch during animation transitions and on certain body types.
  • Fixed a minor visual seam that could be seen on Worm-type critters.


  • In response to player feedback, significant improvements have been made to the single-player Pause behaviour in Fae Farm, and how it interacts with both the World Clock (the in-game day time), and other game features:

    • Using Construction and Decoration modes, inside and outside your home, will now pause the World Clock. Crafting and Conversion screens will still tick down time otherwise they would not continue to process.
    • Buff and Debuff timers will now pause any time the World Clock does (for example when in the Pause menu). No more wasted potions! If a potion gives a passive effect like a speed boost, it may remain active while the World Clock is paused.
    • When the World Clock gets paused, Animals and Jumbles will complete their current animation and then pause, and players will not be able to die.
    • The World Clock will no longer tick down while on a loading screen.
  • In addition, the following improvements have been made to Pause in multiplayer:

    • At the end of a day in multiplayer, the day will no longer automatically start. Instead, it will start when the first player chooses to move on from the Market Results screen. A new section has also been added to this screen to message to other players that you are ready to go or need them to wait, for cases where players are not communicating outside the game.
    • If all players in a multiplayer session are either in the Pause Menu, Construction Mode, Decoration Mode, or on the End of Day screen, the World Clock will be paused. We intend to add to these “pause cases” for multiplayer to fully match the expanded single-player triggers in a future update.
  • Planted flowers (including hybrids) can now be reclaimed to seeds in Construction Mode, allowing them to be replanted elsewhere. The newly added seeds can also be sold: the base colours for 3 Florins, and the variant colours for 5 Florins.
  • The Vortex Spell and Wind Potions can now affect fruit trees and berry bushes!
  • Added a fade to animals' catch up teleport, so it looks less abrupt.
  • Fixed an issue with Propagation Hives that could cause fruit trees to be spawned outside of the buildable area of the farm. Any of these existing rogue trees should be cleaned up at the start of the next game day.
  • Fixed a case where animals may not eat on a given day, resulting in no generated material for that day (occurred if animals were not called out of the barn and the player did not enter it).
  • Fixed a bug blocking use of the Conch, Staff, Critter Net, or Fishing Rod at the start of a new day, if they were equipped when the previous day ended.


  • Animal Care Job Quest 10 has had its objective changed based on player feedback - it now requires only successfully breeding each charm-coloured animal (of any type) once. Base animals are no longer required. In addition, a “Successfully Bred: Yes/No” tracker has been added for each colour charm in the Almanac so you can track your progress.
  • Fixed an issue blocking completion of the "Wave of Emotion" side quest.
  • Fixed an edge case stuck state that could occur when choosing to skip Chapter 1 on a new save, then quitting out.
  • Fixed an edge case state where players could get stuck in main quest progression and not unlock the first quest of a new chapter. Any players who are currently in this state will be recovered by the update and able to continue.
  • Fixed a bug where progress on sprite bundle quests could be partially reset after saving, quitting, and loading back into the game.
  • Fixed Animal Care Job Quests 3, 6 and 9 to now actually reset partial progress when starting a new day, as intended.
  • Fixed friendship quests having a chance to request Coasts of Croakia items for players who did not own Coasts of Croakia.
  • Fixed an issue where new areas could appear on the map early, when they were intended to appear on the next day.


  • Added unique vendor dialogue to Pearl, Rosalind, and Tamael.
  • Adjusted Iron Ore and Coal deposits to be more visually distinct.
  • Added a prompt to the A-frame board in the market that lets you view the previous day's sales.
  • Improved Jumbles spawning in bad positions in the Floating Ruins.
  • Adjusted the position of the Artisan Table, Beverage Station, Decorating Table, Food Prep Table, Gem Polisher, Lumber Station, Seal Crafting Station and Stone Forge to be better aligned with the construction grid.
  • The cooking hearth now "wiggles" when it is in progress, like the other crafting stations.
  • Fixed a corrupted texture displaying in the floor of the second animal barn.
  • Fixed a case where spouses may not turn up to their own wedding due to a scheduling conflict.
  • Fixed a bug causing Alaric to sit drinking tea on an invisible chair on thunderstorm evenings. Spooky.
  • Fixed a bug where jumping around in an upgraded house could unintentionally show parts of other floors.
  • Fixed sand in the Saltwater Mines being unintentionally affected by time of day lighting.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Octowheels to get stuck in the Saltwater Mines.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Blamps to be visible for a frame before their spawn animation played, in the Scorched Caverns.
  • Fixed a bug where empty mushroom spots could be interacted with.
  • Fixed the Fishing Rod's line and some other VFX not properly displaying over the hot spring near the Frozen Farm.
  • Fixed a small area of the mountain where the blizzard effect did not consistently display.
  • Fixed a number of crops that did not sway in the wind as intended.


  • Improved clipping that could occur with some unlockable outfits when using some player body types.
  • Improved the detail on outfits when viewing them on the player in the Inventory.
  • Changed text on the Market Earnings screen to better reflect that it is the previous day's earnings.
  • Fixed Frog Tile Flooring not being available in the game. It's now available for purchase from Balarandi.
  • Fixed a bug where the dropped versions of a number of frogs and sprites did not animate.
  • Fixed the visual preview of the Animal Lure's area of effect not showing appearing when placing it.
  • Economy adjustments:

    • To better enable decoration and creativity, many rugs and fences have had their crafting cost reduced from refined materials (like Beech Lumber or Cotton Fabric) to a lower amount of their unrefined form (like Beech Logs or Raw Cotton). Fancier designs will still require more materials than the basic designs. Please note that reclaiming already placed versions of the affected items will now give you back the new costs.
    • Maple Moths now sell for 60 Florins (up from 30), and Queen Bees now sell for 40 Florins (down from 50).


  • The Stats Info overlay (accessible with Z by default on keyboard, or pressing RS/R3 on a controller) has been significantly updated. It now includes clear countdowns and effect descriptions for all active buffs and debuffs (including those from Trinkets).
  • Updated some text on the Coziness screen to give better in-game clarity on how the "main home" system works.
  • Added an indicator to the HUD for the duration of the Faerie Fire spell.
  • Added the ability to scroll the requirements panel for Job Quests.
  • Expired contract earnings have been moved to the Other section of the Market Results screen.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck after choosing to exit the Customization Mirror without saving.
  • Fixed an input issue causing some controls to not function as expected after placing a Grass Patch.
  • Fixed the incorrect button being shown for the Equip function on the new Tool Wheel tutorial screen.
  • Fixed a bug where loading screens would not fade in/out if you had chosen to skip Chapter 1 on a given save.
  • Fixed a bug where the Crystal Staff image did not appear in the celebration moment after unlocking it.
  • Fixed a bug where the last-hovered colour was used to dye house trims, rather than the selected one.


  • Fixed a case where deleting your own local saved data could cause your progress to be lost in another player's world.
  • Fixed "backpack is full" messages not displaying for multiplayer clients.
  • Fixed a soft lock that could occur if a client player was in the dye screen when the host left a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause tougher fish to not get tired as often as intended when a client in a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed a loading loop that could occur if the host ended a multiplayer session while a client was joining, and the client stayed on the error screen for a short time before trying to proceed.
  • Fixed a bug where a joining client could briefly be seen in an odd animation as they loaded into a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong character portrait could appear for joining players in a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed a bug where clients in a multiplayer session could not see the portrait for the host on the Map.
  • Fixed an issue where expired Shipping Contract earnings did not appear on clients' Market Results screens.
  • Fixed an issue where clients of a multiplayer session saw empty results on the Market Results screen when interacting with the billboard.
  • Fixed clients of a multiplayer session not getting a notification when the host accepted a Shipping Contract.


  • Improved handling of common names in the profanity filter.
  • Fixed the credits not appearing correctly at the end of the story, following the 2.0.0 patch.
  • Fixed a bug where the title screen music stopped playing after encountering an error joining a session.
  • Fixed a number of typos and other text errors in English and localized languages.

Thank You

We want to give a great big thank you all to the amazing people who submitted bug reports and are able to help us pinpoint these issues. If you spot any issues, please update us through our main support page.

You can also join us on Twitter, Discord, Instagram and TikTok to share your experience with us in Azoria. 

We’ll see you in-game!


The Fae Farm Team

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