Fae Farm


This land is full of life and bears enchanting secrets to uncover. With your neighbors by your side, you’ll harness the magic of our realms to restore peace and harmony to our island.


Cultivate the land and build a home of your own. With magic on your side, your homestead will flourish beyond your wildest dreams.

Create a cozy home

Customize your character

Learn new crafts

Care for cuddly creatures


Craft your own journey through our mythical land. Let enchanting characters tell you their secrets and guide you through the realms of Azoria.

Complete epic quests

Discover mythical beings

Restore peace

Battle fabled foes


Our elaborate cast of neighbors will help you find your purpose. Lean on them in times of need as you become a good citizen of Azoria. They might fall in love with you too.

Find your soulmate

Learn from the locals

Meet colorful characters

Bring friends from home


Make a home of your own or share your world with a few of your friends. Play at your own pace and bring them into your story whenever you choose.